I often think we don’t really look at the photo or at least think about the final product that the photo will create when submitting a photo for a photo gift. When making a photo cutout or photo sculpture it is best when all the the subjects “parts” are in the photo. The good news is I can help you decide if your photo will work and either suggest some basic photo editing or an alternate photo gift product better suited for your photo.

Look at the photo submitted here for a 5×7 Photo Sculpture cutout. In this case I was able to do some basic photo editing to center the photo, clone the missing arm and shoulder and clone out the partial image of someone in front of the subject.¬† I was able to take this somewhat mediocre photo and edit it to make a great looking Photo Sculpture cutout photo gift. This service is what sets me apart from the bigger makers of photo sculptures. I include this service and others do not even offer photo editing. Now with that said I cannot always correct every photo so when in doubt just ask and I will be happy to take a look at your photo. I want you to have the best looking photo gift possible so I will make that extra effort.

Thank you for your interest in Cool Photo Sculptures.com

5X7 Photo Sculpture

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