Introducing cool freestanding desktop metal prints that make a great alternative for favorite pictures that are cut off so they wouldn’t make good cutouts but are still a picture you want to remember and display.

Turn your Selfies, Instagram Photos, Facebook Photos or any favorite photo into a unique freestanding desktop metal print. Even small prints make a big impact when printed on metal! Your image is infused onto aluminum for a modern approach to displaying images. Freestanding on desktop or table without picture frame.

– Cool for displaying Selfies, Instagram, Pinterest, School Portraits.
– Image size is 4″ X 4 1/2″.
– Unique gift item.
– Great vibrancy and pop of color.
– No picture frame needed.
– Let us make your digital photo or photograph, unforgettable!

Includes *Design *Professional Photo Editing! +FREE Revisions


Cool photo of your pet that may be cutoff and not good for a cutout photo sculpture or cutout fridge magnet.






Make a custom metal print from your favorite photo or logo.





Great for sport photos and school photos!