I have pointed out before that the best photo cutouts are from pictures that have all the subject’s arms and other pertinent parts in the photo. I think people get so enthused about a photo that the don’t see that some parts are cutoff. Sometimes there is something that can be done but other times there isn’t. The advantage of using Cool Photo Sculptures for your personalized photo gifts, photo sculpture cutouts and metal prints is that I will make an effort to edit your photo. Below are a couple examples of photo sculptures recently done.

The before shot on the left you can see the girl’s arm isn’t in the picture which wouldn’t make a good photo sculpture and to the right is the finished photo sculpture cutout where I was able to add an arm to make a great photo sculpture cutout.

Photo Sculpture Cutout before  Photo Sculpture Cutout after

Below is a picture of a Photo Sculpture Cutout Ornament where I was able to take an outline of Iceland and lay a wedding photo on top to make a great destination wedding photo gift.

Photo Sculpture Cutout Ornament