Pet Fridge Magnets Photo GiftsFridge Magnets make great photo gifts, especially pet photo gifts. Your pets photo cutout on the refrigerator is a great way to display photos of the family pet. They are a great alternative to a full Photo Sculpture Statuette cutout, a cost effective cute remembrance of the family pet.

These are made with Plexiglass Acrylic and provide somewhat of a 3D effect. They are not those thin paperlike magnetic material printed on. They stand about 1/4″ off the surface.

Pet’s Head Shot works as a Fridge Magnet.

Just like other photo sculptures, the great looking fridge magnets have the total pet in the picture. If the shot doesn’t have the whole pet in the photo sometimes making just a head shot works too. Look at some of the examples here in this post to help you decide if your shot will make a good cutout fridge magnet.




How to take the best Pet Fridge Magnet Picture:

Pet Fridge Magnets Photo GiftsWhen taking pictures of the family pet for a fridge magnet try to get a shot from the pets level instead of a top view of the pet. Look at the sample photos here to see the best angle.

Check out our solid fridge magnets for those spontaneous shots that aren’t great for a cutout photo because it may be cutoff such as in a selfie, but is memorable enough that you want to keep the photo and display it as a fridge magnet.




Pet Fridge Magnets Photo Gifts

Great Pet Fridge Magnet Examples!

Pet Fridge Magnets Photo GiftsPet Fridge Magnets Photo Gifts 

Pet photo fridge magnets – Cool Photo Sculptures!