Custom 3D Fridge Magnets 4×6 Photo Gift fridge magnet Cutout of your Dog, Cat, Child Photo cut out of Plexiglas fridge Photo Gift


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3D Fridge magnets make your digital photo or photograph unforgettable solid plexiglass refrigerator magnets and great photo gifts that seem to jump off the surface.

We will create our classic custom 3/16″ refrigerator magnet cutout from your 4X6 photo. Your photo will be sublimation printed to Masonite Hardboard then the background will be hand sculpted away. The photo sculpture will be laminated with a UV protecting material that is non-yellowing protecting the photo from scratches. A magnetic material is affixed to the back to create a refrigerator magnet.

The Photo Sculpture cutout size is based on the photo size, 4X6, – the finished Photo Sculpture may be smaller depending on the subject size. Your photo will be cropped and retouched as needed to make it as clear and vibrant as possible at no additional charge.

When we are creating the sculpture from a digital photo or scanned photo we will create as large a sculpture cutout as the original photo will allow. When the subject is close up in the photo without cutting off pertinent parts we are able to create larger sculptures.

We ship USPS First Class delivery so you get your photo sculpture fast and economically.

After you have placed your order, attach your digital photo to an email and send it to Please reference your order number and name in the email and once received, we’ll send an email confirming we have gotten your photo. You may also address any questions or concerns to the same email.

Note: Photo Sculpture magnets are normally intended for one subject from a 4×6 photo. I will create a cutout when more than one subject is in the photo because I want you to be able enjoy these cutouts, but the final size is usually smaller making it difficult to do inside cuts. I reserve the right depending on the photo to do inside cuts or not. I will use my artistic discretion.
WARNING Photo cutouts are NOT TOYS and should be kept from small children. Small parts can break off and cause a choking hazard.
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