4″ Photo Cutout Ornament


Photo Sculpture cutout ornament – 4 inch.  Includes Free Shipping!

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Photo Sculpture cutout ornament – from a 4X6 photo. Your photo will be retouched as needed to make it as clear and vibrant as possible at no additional charge. The photo is cropped so the subject is enlarged so it will be as close to 4 inches tall as the photo will allow. All the background in the photograph will be removed.

Photo Sculpture cutouts sometimes referred to as photo statuettes make unique photo gifts. For photos that are cut off without all of a subjects arms or head in the photo checkout our Cool Metal Prints. these freestanding aluminium prints are also great photo gifts and a great way to display those selfies and Facebook photos.

Note: Photo Sculpture ornaments are normally intended for one subject from a 4×6 photo. I will create a cutout when more than one subject is in the photo because I want you to be able enjoy these cutouts, but the final size is usually smaller making it difficult to do inside cuts. I reserve the right depending on the photo to do inside cuts or not. I will use my artistic discretion.

WARNING Photo cutouts are NOT TOYS and should kept from small children. Small parts can break off and cause a choking hazard.


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